Your Dog's Home Before Home


1.  On your website it says that with a puppy comes a health guarantee and I was wondering what kind of health guarantee that is, whether it be a set period of time or covering genetic problems or something else.

                My health guarantee gives you 5 business days to take your puppy to the vet.  During this time if your vet diagnosis any problems, you are able to return the puppy for a full refund, or individual situations can be handled together.  I follow my puppies as they grow and have not had any major health problems in any line.  Once there was a puppy with patellar luxation which is a common health problem in Chihuahuas.  I try to avoid this by not breeding dogs that have it, and I have stopped breeding the Momma that had the puppy who suffered from it.  Here is a link with good information on this condition. http://www.famouschihuahua.com/chihuahua-health-concerns/patellar-luxation-a-knee-problem-in-chihuahuas/ Any conditions that would be diagnosed by my vet will be disclosed prior to sale.  My vet is also available to talk to anyone with questions.


2. I don’t really know much about registration so could you tell me a little about the CKC registration and why you use it rather than AKC?

                For the first two years of my breeding I really debated on whether I wanted to be AKC registered, and I started doing some research.  At that point I found that the AKC was a bit more expensive than the CKC, that they only allow dogs to be registered if the parents are both registered which limits my choice of dogs, and that overall they are harder to deal with than the CKC.  All of those reasons sound petty yes, but as I continued to research I found things that horrify me associated with the AKC.  AKC breeders, like the ones you see on The Westminster Dog Show have TERRIBLE breeding practices.  Here are some facts from this link http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2008/12/08/animals-and-money-rest-of-english-speaking-world-horrified-by-bbc/

  • One in three King Charles Spaniels in England have the neurological disorder Syringomyelia, caused by being bred with too small a skull. The treatment, surgery to open the skull and let the brain expand, is often fatal.
  • The 10,000 pugs in the UK have only the genetic diversity of 50 animals.
  • The ridge on Rhodesian Ridgebacks is a form of spina bifida and the dogs are prone to a skin infection. One in 20 are born without a ridge; breed standards call for those dogs, which are actually healthier, to be culled.
  • Bulldogs are bred with their heads so big they can't give birth naturally.

So my answer comes down to this: I CANNOT ethically give this organization my money when they know these practices are happening and do nothing to stop them.  The head of the AKC stated something along the lines of… If we change the expectations of our breeders they will just continue to breed without the watchful eye of the AKC.  I am not sure how watchful they are in that the RSPCA's chief veterinary adviser, Mark Evans, calls dog shows a "parade of mutants."


3. In what way to the pups get socialized? I have been reading a lot about how important socializing pups (especially Chihuahuas) is and was just wondering what they are exposed to besides the kids and other pets they see every day.

                When puppies are in my home they are located in an area of the house where they can see people coming to visit, which is often, they are hearing everyday sounds like vacuums, timers, and the television.  I have a son who plays with the puppies almost every day with me, and nieces and a nephew ranging from the age of 2 – 6.  If the weather is nice the puppies also get the opportunity to be outside. Other than what I am able to do here socialization falls mostly on the puppies new owners.  I cannot take the puppies out to parks or stores because they are not vaccinated until a day before they are set to leave.  It is important once they have all their shots that the puppies get to go to different places, family member’s houses, car rides, where ever they are allowed.  I would like to note, if you take your puppy to PetSmart, DO NOT put that pup in the cart or on the floor.  Vaccinations are only a suggestion at PetSmart no one is standing there checking records of all the dogs coming through the door.  I also ask that you avoid places where dogs frequent until your puppy receives the complete round of puppy shots and their rabies booster. 

4. Once I pick out my puppy, would you be able to send me updated photos periodically? If I have a name picked out for him, do you need to know it or do you just call them all "puppy"?

                For people that are choosing puppies before they are ready to go home, I will send photos as often as I can or post updated videos on the website.  If at any time you feel the need to come visit your pup, please call me and a time can be schedules.  I keep an open door policy.  If you want to visit to look at the parents or check things out, I have nothing to hide, except maybe dirty dishes!

                In the event that you have chosen a pup and you have chosen a name, I love to know it.  I try to call them by name as often as I can; however, since most of the time I want them all to come to me, “puppy, puppy, puppy” gets said a lot!



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